Beyond London accommodation booking in UK and Europe
Beyond London
Book accommodation in the UK, Europe or beyond directly with the proprietor.
It is difficult sometimes to pick through dozens of offers when booking your accommodation. And when you are not dealing directly with the hotel, apartments or bed and breakfast, you cannot always be sure that the room is waiting for you when you arrive, even if you've paid for it.

Beyond London offers you selected accommodation and gives you the opportunity to query and book directly with the accommodation proprietors. Any payments you may make go directly to the establishment you will be staying with - and all confirmations come directly from the front desk.

How does it all work?
  • Look through our website to find a place you would like to stay
  • Make an availability query, or book subject to availability.
  • When you receive your availability information and your answers to any other questions directly from the accommodation proprietor, make your booking.
  • The proprietor will require your credit card information as confirmation, usually authorised to the value of one night of the booking.
  • Unless otherwise advised (for some extra specials), the card will not be debited unless there is a late cancellation or a no-show.
  • The information you give is safe - it is fully encrypted in the same way that other transactions you may have made with your bank. Look for the padlock in your web browser.
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